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9100 Mission Rd
Prairie Village, KS, 66206

(913) 649-0438

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a congregation of the ELCA. Please visit our web page to learn more about us, our community partnerships, and ministries.

Collecting These Items

Help others and protect the earth!   We collect the following items which are then distributed, re-used or re-purposed: plastic shopping bags, amber prescription bottles, non-perishable food items, Best Choice product UPC bar-code labels.


Lego bricks & Lincoln Logs:  bring used Legos and Logs to the church and we'll pass them on to John Diemer Elementary for their new "Maker Space"!

Plastic Shopping Bags:  Volunteers weave the bags into sleeping mats for the homeless.  The mats provide insulation and cushioning and are non-absorbent.  

Amber Prescription Bottles:  Many areas of Africa do not have adequate medical care.  Without pharmacies, physicans fill their patients' prescriptions, but they do not bottles needed.  Your used, empty prescription bottles will be given to Children's Memorial Lutheran Church and they will ship them to Africa to be re-used.  The bottles must be amber (yellow-orange only).  Please remove the label and place the cap on the empty bottle and place it in the collection bag. 

Non-Perishable Food Items:  Items collected are given to Metro Lutheran Ministry for their  Food Pantry. 

Best Choice Food Labels:  Our Quilt Group collects the UPC bar codes from Best Choice food labels.  The labels are redeemed for cash which is used to buy batting and other supplies.  The quilts are given to Metro Lutheran Ministry for the Christmas Store they provide for their clients.

New Socks, Underwear, Shirts & Jeans: in sizes to fit children in kindergarten through 6th grade (the size your children or grandchildren wear).  These will be given to the school counselor at John Diemer Elementary for students as needed at school.