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Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a congregation of the ELCA. Please visit our web page to learn more about us, our community partnerships, and ministries.



Congratulations!  May God bless you as you plan this sacred event!! We at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection are happy for you and extend our best wishes as you prepare for your wedding day. We will do all we can to make sure that your wedding service is meaningful, worshipful, and filled with God’s glory and blessing. 

 Weddings can be held in any setting, but your choice of this church as the site of your wedding has some beautifully distinct implications. A church wedding is an act of worship and a sacred event where two people pledge themselves to one another in the presence of God and a worshiping community.  

(Same gender couples are also welcome to be married at LCR.)

Scheduling Your Wedding Date and Time

You will want to plan as early as possible the date for the celebration of your marriage.  Couples should approach the clearing of a date with the church as significantly as any of the other wedding arrangements that are made.  After you have ascertained a mutually agreed upon date and time through consultation with the Pastor, it will be placed on the official parish calendar. (The date will be placed on the church calendar as soon as your non-refundable deposit is received.)    

We CANNOT schedule two weddings on the same day and congregational members receive first priority.  We are also unable to schedule weddings during Holy Week (from Palm Sunday through Easter), or December 20th through the Jan 1st.  

The Pastor's Role

The Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection conducts the wedding ceremony and the rehearsal.  Ministers of other congregations may participate and assist and are welcome to do so if a couple so requests, but the invitation to participate needs to be extended by the pastor of LCR. The church is not available for rent for outside weddings with other clergy or civil authorities presidingBe sure to schedule an initial meeting the pastor ASAP so that your questions can be answered and arrangements made for your premarital conversation sessions. The meetings are scheduled at times mutually convenient to you and the pastor.  Both bride and groom are to be present.  (Generally, you would meet for four to six 1-hour sessions spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart. (For out of town couples who cannot travel the sessions can be held via video conference.)

Premarital conversation is designed to help you focus on the issues common to every marriage. For this purpose the pastor uses a tool called “Prepare/Enrich” inventory which helps to uncover the unique strengths and challenges of your relationship, and helps us to discover areas or issues that might need more discussion or clarification, such as communication, conflict management, role expectations, religion, parenting, finances and future goals in addition to planning the service and wedding rehearsal.  The cost of the scoring and related materials is the responsibility of the couple. (See separate list of fees.)

Worship and Community Life

In addition to the exchange of vows, you will be asking God to bless your home and be a part of your life together--thus spiritual preparation is also important. If you are not already active in a congregation, we encourage your to attend worship at LCR where you will find joy and support in company with other Christian people who seek to organize their lives around the grace of God. 

Wedding Coordinator

Cindy Blackworth, our Wedding Coordinator, is familiar with the church, the pastor, and our guidelines.  She can provide answers to all your questions and provide invaluable assistance in making your wedding all you are hoping for.  We request that no outside consultants be used. The Wedding Coordinator will be present at your rehearsal and wedding, will attend to any specific instructions, and provide guidance at the time of the service. She will set up your dressing rooms and any special tables or chairs you need, prepare for and clean up after the Eucharist (if it is included), and work with your florist to ensure that everything is arranged as you requested. 

The Wedding Rehearsal

Your wedding rehearsal is normally scheduled for the evening preceding the wedding date and will take one hour.  Out of respect for all participants and leaders involved, it is important that the time chosen for rehearsal be strictly observed.   Please inform your wedding party of the importance of being on time for the rehearsal.  Sometimes couples provide a map to the church for their friends. All members of the bridal party, the parents, and close relatives or friends of both the bride and groom normally attend the rehearsal.  

(It is important that you bring your marriage license to the rehearsal as the Pastor is unable to perform any wedding ceremony without first having the license in hand.  By bringing it the day before the wedding you can rest assured for the big day. 

The Order of the Service, Vows, etc.

Planning for the Marriage Service itself takes place primarily during the first meeting you have with the Pastor.  You will be invited to choose the selections from the Scriptures that speak meaningfully to your love and commitment, as well as planning other details of the service.  Couples for whom Holy Communion has special significance to their faith are encouraged to include the celebration of this Sacrament as part of their wedding ceremony.  In such instances, the Eucharist would be made available to the entire worshiping community, underscoring the love, grace and unity of fellowship available in Christ.

Music at Your Wedding

Because we consider weddings to be sacred events, specific guidelines exist for selecting appropriate music.  It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to contact the church Music Director well in advance to discuss the music for the wedding.  The Music Director will answer specific questions you might have about the music to be used and can be helpful in arranging for soloists and instrumentalists. 

Prerecorded music is discouraged. 

It is our pleasure to assist you at this most joyous time!  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the Pastor, the Wedding Coordinator, or the church office.  Office hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Thursday and from 9 to noon on Fridays, excluding holidays.  Our telephone number is 913-649-0438.