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9100 Mission Rd
Prairie Village, KS, 66206

(913) 649-0438

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a congregation of the ELCA. Please visit our web page to learn more about us, our community partnerships, and ministries.


Our MIssion

Our mission is to... Meet God, Practice Community, Serve Christ by Serving Others, and Live Generously   

We are a people gathered beneath the cross of Christ, driven by the wind of the Holy Spirit, and journeying together into God's preferred and promised future.  We do not always know where the Spirit will take us, but we trust that as long as we keep our eyes on the cross and follow Jesus, we will be blessed along the way.

Most of our time is spent out in the world, but on Sundays when we gather for worship, we can look up at the ceiling of our worship space (the nave--as in naval) and see what looks like the keel of a great ship. Jesus spent a lot of time in boats and with fishermen--teaching and traveling around the Sea of Galilee with a message of forgiveness and love. That's the message we want to deliver too... by what we say and what we do..