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9100 Mission Rd
Prairie Village, KS, 66206

(913) 649-0438

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a congregation of the ELCA. Please visit our web page to learn more about us, our community partnerships, and ministries.



Baptism is for everyone! 

Baptism is a biblical requirement for Christians (Mark 16:16, Matthew 28:19-20, that in the best of conditions should unify believers (Ephesians 4:5.)

Not everyone comes to faith or to Baptism at the same point in life. If you are interested in learning more about baptism, or are interested in having your child baptized, please contact the pastor.

Due to the restrictions of our present facilities, our baptisms are accomplished by pouring water over the head of the initiate at baptismal font (raised basin of water.) We believe God’s grace and Holy Spirit are poured out in abundance regardless of how wet we get. 

A truly Christian life is nothing other than a daily Baptism, once begun and ever to be continued.”

”It is, in short, so full of consolation and grace that heaven and earth cannot understand it. But it requires skill to believe this, for the treasure is not lacking, but this is lacking: people who grasp it and hold it firmly. Therefore, every Christian has enough in Baptism to learn and to do all his life.”

”Repentance is really nothing other than Baptism...If you live in repentance, you walk in Baptism. For Baptism not only illustrates such a new life, but also produces, begins, and exercises it. For in Baptism we are given grace, the Spirit, and power to suppress the old [nature], so that the new [nature] may come forth and become strong.
— Martin Luther

Baptism / Christening of Children

We want to help you as parents keep the promises you make in your child’s baptism, and to live into the baptismal promises God has given to each of you. We will support you with ideas, resources, affirmation from other parents and grandparents, our prayers - and the support of a faith community that welcomes your questions, joys and struggles as we journey together.

Congregational Gifts on the day of Baptism: Your child receives a hand-crocheted lace keepsake handkerchief, a baptismal candle which you can burn each year in celebration of baptismal birthdays, a certificate of baptism suitable for framing, and a pewter medallion bearing the symbol of baptism and which can be engraved with your child’s name and the date. You will also receive a parent’s guide to baptism in which you can record the details of the day.

Families of children ages 0-36 mos. will receive a monthly issue of “Parent Pages,” which will help your family use every day events—reading, playing, eating—to introduce the stories of the faith, the comforting and parental love of God, and the friendship of Jesus. Plus cartoons!

Once each year your child will receive an age-appropriate music CD! Babies will be lulled to sleep listening to Sleepy Time Tunes, the CD in the 1-12 Months Splash! Pack, Families will get moving to the Bible story songs on Totally Toddler Tunes, the 13-24 month CD, and Kids will learn songs they'll hear in Sunday school on the Singable Sunday Tunes CD, the 25-36 month CD.

We Do! A Guide for Godparents helps your child’s godparents understand what baptism is, clarifies their role in your child’s faith development, and offers ideas for celebrating baptism, birthdays, and other milestones in their godchild's life.

Each Sunday, children, birth through age 5,  play and learn about God's Love through Bible stories and related activites in the nursery during the 10:30a.m. service on Sunday mornings.