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Lutheran Church of the Resurrection is a congregation of the ELCA. Please visit our web page to learn more about us, our community partnerships, and ministries.



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Holy work...

Alix Pridgen

The Bible is filled with references to work--to occupations and vocations--and people whose faith informs that work. If we list just a few we peer into world in many ways like our own.  There were tent makers, soldiers, politicians and monarchs, teachers, shipbuilders, midwives, healers, potters, spinners and weavers, dancers, priests and religious leaders, public speakers, scribes, guides, shepherds, parents, sowers, reapers, wine-makers, vineyard keepers, managers, jailors, builders, architects, sellers and business owners, servants, overseers, metallurgists, miners, iron workers, artists, cooks, prophets, fortunetellers, astronomers, professional mourners, grave keepers, guards, judges, librarians, dream interpreters, fishermen, musicians, and sailors...  

In the Bible work and faith are inextricably linked; there is no separation between God's work and daily work.  Martin Luther (a 16th century professor and priest) preached that our vocation--our work--was also spiritual and holy work. In his day as in ours people tended to separate the two and that simply isn't biblical. 

How often do you think of your work as God's work?  How often do you think of your workplace as holy?  According to Luther, mucking out the barn and changing the baby's diapers are just as holy--just as sacred--(and often more so) than a priest leading prayers at the altar.  What work do you perform (paid or volunteer--occupational and vocational)?  How does your faith inform what you do? What are the challenges you run into?